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Reflection as The Seasons Change

As the season winds down, it is time to reflect on some of nature’s highlights that kept us by the shore and entertained.

This summer there were 10 pairs of piping plovers at Revere Beach; thousands of seals swam the waters off the Cape and Islands; and great white sharks re-asserted their place near the top of the Bay State’s food chain.

We also headed for the water while sweating through the hottest three months on record. Not a typical summer, but one that may become more common. So what’s going on?

The plovers showed up at Revere because the beach was protected, the environment was clean, and the birds found food.

The sparrow-sized threatened birds are generally associated with the sandscapes of the South Shore, Cape and Islands where their beach-nesting can alter off-road vehicle access.

This summer, their breeding season in Revere was among the most successful of the recovering species in the state.

– Jack Clarke

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