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Revolution at Wonderland Staduim Talks

Yesterday, Sean Donahue of New England Soccer Today mentioned that the Revolution to Wonderland may still be possible. Donahue, using Thor Jourgensen of Lynn, MA’s The Daily Item article on Revere Mayor Dan Rizzo’s push for redevelopment of the old Wonderland race-track, indicated that the Revs to Revere talks may be, at least superficially, back underway.

Wonderland, once a primary source of revenue for Revere, has sat unused since August 19, 2010. Other than Revere Beach, it once was a major draw for tourists to the City of Revere. So it is no surprise that Rizzo, having been sworn in as Revere’s Mayor on January 2nd of this year, would like to see it used for more than MBTA parking.

Read the whole story on the Bent Musket.


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