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Spotlight on Ryder Revere

Ryder Sign
Ryder sign. Photo credit: @Flauntboston

Author – Meena Sharma

Happy Wednesday! We hope you’re all taking on this new year with positivity, hope, and optimism for a better and brighter year. We are committed to bringing you the latest on new developments, exciting news, and updates of how our great community is evolving and changing. It’s no secret or surprise that the once hidden gem, Revere, has caught the eyes (and pockets) of developers and visionaries both big and small—and they’re here to stay.

Late last year, we had an opportunity to sit down with one developer, Damian Szary, Principal at Redgate Real Estate in their Boston Headquarters. We spoke at length about Redgate’s vision and how their current projects fit into the future of Revere Beach. You may have seen them around, One Beachmont, 500 Ocean, and their latest and newly built Ryder, opening doors to residents on February 1, 2021.

Ryder Revere. Photo credit: @Flauntboston
Ryder Revere. Photo Credit: @Flauntboston

Merging History & Innovation

I have to admit, I was pretty excited to hear about future projects and the passion and vision Redgate has in store for Revere, but today’s feature is all about Ryder (21 Revere Beach Blvd, aka 21RBB). We had the pleasure of touring Ryder on 3 separate occasions at various phases and each time we watched the space transform, it was nothing short of magic. While Ryder may be the newest build on the beach, it’s still found several ways to pay homage to Revere’s rich history through inspirational design working with local artists to give this place a truly fun unique feel.

Inside Ryder.
Inside Ryder. Photo Credit: @Flauntboston

The Ryder project is intended to evoke “The thrill of a roller coaster. The beat of a jazz band. The bliss of an afternoon spent in the sun.” In its history and at its heart, Revere Beach has been a place of camaraderie and joy. Today, 21 RBB is building on that legacy while creating an experience that’s entirely new. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, and in every detail, you can see that it was designed as such.

From the transition of indoor/outdoor street cabanas reminiscent of old Revere Beach, to the first waterfront restaurant On the Beach (coming May 2021) featuring surprise cuisine by Revere’s chic-est restaurateur Mike Aldi, to the pop-up retail spaces supporting small and local businesses, to re-introducing a true boardwalk experience not seen since the 1960’s—Ryder is setting itself apart and we’re loving every bit of it.

Art & Community Built In

Another breathtaking feature of Ryder is the hand painted mural around the pool deck, painted by Boston-based artist, Silvia Lopez-Chaves. “It depicts a sun drenched woman looking up to brighter days ahead. My wish is for this mural to be a beacon of hope. A reminder not to give up and to keep our chins up.” This yet just another way Ryder has chosen to integrate its community and art into making Ryder what we know will be an amazing and beautiful place to call home.

Mural by Silvia Lopez-Chaves. Photo credit: @Flauntboston
Mural by Silvia Lopez-Chaves. Photo credit: @Flauntboston

This beautiful property features Studios, 1 and 2 Bedroom floor plans each with spacious rooms, sleek designs, and top notch amenities–all with breathtaking views. But don’t just take my word for it–give Revere Beach Real Estate a call at (978) 807-0167 and we’d be happy to tour the property with you. Hope to see you at Ryder.

More Revere Beach News Coming Up

Thank you for tuning in this week, stay tuned for our next post on February 3, 2021 featuring….guess you’ll have to tune in to find out!

We invite you to tune in and keep up with the Revere Beach Real Estate Team as we bring to you the hottest developments and happenings on the beach, the Revere-lution is just getting started.

Author- Meena Sharma