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Point of Pines Fire Station demolished to make way for brand new fire station

Revere Journal Story 9/1/2021

Point of Pines Fire Station demolished to make way for brand new fire station…..

Ward 5 Councillor John Powers looked on Monday as workers began the demolition of the former Point of Pines Fire Station, clearing the way for a brand-new fire station to be built on the site.

“I’m elated to see this new station coming along,” said Powers. “I know the chief and the deputy chief are handling the design of it right now. Before you know it, we’ll be down there breaking ground for a brand-new station.

Powers thanked his colleagues on the Revere City Council for supporting his motion to build a new fire station.

“Everybody supported the building of a new station and providing the bond authorization of $9.2 million to make that happen,” said Powers.

Fire Chief Chris Bright with Ward 5 Councilor John Powers, who was a strong advocate of renovating the Mills Fire Station, and Deputy Fire Chief Paul Cheever.

The councillor said the new fire station will provide 24/7 coverage “right in the neighborhood and that’s a positive thing.”

A new community meeting room for neighborhood meetings will also be housed inside the station.

Fire Chief Christopher Bright called it “a monumental day” for the Fire Department. “It’s kind of bittersweet. We’re a little sad to see the old station go, but we’re very excited about the new project that’s going to be replacing it,” said Bright. “I know a lot of people have been anxious for this to happen, and it is finally happening. In about a year from now, we should have a brand-new station standing here, operating to serve the city, so we’re excited about that.”

Deputy Fire Chief Paul Cheever said there is still “some design and exterior work to finalize,” but plans are proceeding to begin the construction phase soon. Cheever also noted the Firefighting Memorial monument at the old station will be relocated to the north end of the site.

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