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Compromise Keeps Casino Proposal Alive

The caveat being that Revere must take another vote for the new Mohegan Sun proposal, and that the Commission would give the new proposal a waiver for its Dec. 31 application deadline – a waiver that would only allow them to turn in the results of the vote after the deadline.

Commissioner Jim McHugh came up with the compromise and, at the outset, explained that he would rather have the voters decide the issue rather than the Commissioners, as he believes the new proposal is very different than the previous proposal and needs another public weighing.

“The dichotomy here is letting the voters decide or letting us decide whether this proposal moves forward,” he said.

The McHugh Compromise – which was agreed to in a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ vote rather than a roll call vote after about one hour of discussion – allows Mohegan Sun/Suffolk Downs to make the decision about what it wants to do. If it wants to continue on the current course, the matter will come back to the MGC for an ultimate vote as was expected Tuesday.

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