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Councillor Powers Stands up Against Parking Meters at Revere Beach

Revere Journal Story by Cary Shuman October 21, 2020

Ward 5 Councillor John Powers said he is opposed to the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DRC) plan to install parking meter pay stations on Revere Beach Boulevard. The 100 multi-space meters (MSMs) would serve 1,075 parking spaces from Eliot Circle to Carey Circle on both sides of the Boulevard.

Powers made his opposition known to DCR officials who held a parking meter proposal meeting remotely on Oct. 15.

Jennifer Norwood, of the DCR Office of External Affairs and Partnerships, expertly moderated the parking meter proposal meeting. Hazel Clarence, DCR parking operations manager, gave a precise and professional explanation of the project. Clarence’s thorough presentation included graphs, signs, photos, diagrams, maps and renderings of the projects.

Clarence said the Multi-Space Meters – as opposed to Single-Space Meters (SPM/individual parking meters) – would be in operation on a seasonal basis (April 15-October 15). The program would run from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The cost for each parking space would be $1.25 per hour, with no time restrictions. Vehicle owners could pay by coin, debit or credit card, or by using a mobile payment option. No annual DCR parking passes will be issued for the Revere Beach parking program.

The revenue from the parking program would go to the state (DCR) budget.

Powers said the Boulevard has seen an increase in traffic in recent years and that the parking meters would be a costly inconvenience to residents on the Boulevard.

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