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DCR Removes Parking Meter Signage from Revere Beach

Parking Meter Signage Taken off of Revere Beach- America’s First Public Beach

Revere Journal Story

The Department of Conservation & Recreation (DCR) is removing all parking meter signage from Revere Beach, as a result of a law passed through the leadership of State Representatives Jeffrey Rosario Turco and Jessica Giannino. Last summer, parking meters were installed on Revere Beach in an effort to raise state revenues.  The people of Revere organized and resisted the idea of paid parking on America’s first public beach.  Rallies were held for several weeks on Revere Beach demonstrating opposition to the meters.  Representative Turco and Representative Giannino quickly drafted legislation which prohibited DCR from placing metered parking on any DCR roadway without explicit local approval. Although Governor Baker vetoed this legislation, Turco, Giannino and their colleagues held tough in the face of adversity and the Governor’s veto was overridden thus securing free parking for Revere Beach. With the signs coming down today, the battle against paid parking on the beach has now reached its official conclusion.

“It is only right that parking should be free on Revere Beach, the first public beach in the United States of America,” said Representative Jeffrey Rosario Turco (D-Winthrop). “This is our beach and it is now open for everybody, regardless of their economic status. The signage coming down marks the end of a long, difficult, but crucial fight to right an obvious wrong. Today is a great day for Revere.”

“I am thrilled that signs are being removed and Revere Beach will once again be free to park at,” said Representative Jessica Giannino (D-Revere). “Revere Beach is America’s first public beach. It is so important that it remains free and accessible as it always has been for families and locals to continue to enjoy for generations to come.”