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MA State Police to increase enforcement measures beginning this weekend at Revere Beach

Increased Police patrols to begin at Revere Beach

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Massachusetts State Police will increase enforcement measures on Revere Beach, starting this weekend. The increased patrols, by uniformed and plainclothes troopers alike, are being put in place in anticipation of large crowds that gather at the beach in warm weather and the potential for those crowds to become unruly as was the case with yesterday’s disturbance. Troopers will work in conjunction with Revere Police, who similarly will put added focus on city neighborhoods around the beach.

The increased State Police patrols will add several uniformed and undercover troopers, as well as a K-9 unit, to the regular State Police patrols that already cover the beach. These existing patrols — which come from the Revere Beach Barracks, the Motorcycle Unit, and the Troop Community Action Team – will be supplemented by the extra troopers from early evening to early morning hours. The increased presence will begin this Friday, May 15 and will continue on all warm weekend nights up to Memorial Day. From Memorial Day on, the increased patrols will work every weekend night through the summer.

The additional patrols will focus on both serious crimes, but also on quality-of-life issues that cause disturbances for other beachgoers and businesses on the beach. Specifically, the patrols will focus on large disorderly groups, gang activity, illicit drug use, underage alcohol consumption, excessive alcohol use causing disorderly behavior, fighting, and motor vehicle offenses, including impaired and distracted driving and racing.

Additionally, Revere Police, under direction of Chief Joseph Cafarelli, will continue to be vigilant for disorderly groups, gang activity, and other disturbances in the Shirley Avenue, Beach Street, and Revere Street neighborhoods that border the Revere Beach Reservation. State Police will also coordinate efforts and share intelligence with Transit Police, who patrol three Blue Line stations that operate near the beach.

The State Police and Revere Police are committed to ensuring that the Revere Beach Reservation and the areas that surround it are a safe destination for any beachgoers and families who wish to enjoy the area lawfully.

“We will undertake a comprehensive and coordinated effort with our law enforcement partners to ensure that anyone who wants to use the beach peacefully this summer can do so without fear of unruly groups and criminal activity,” said Major Arthur Sugrue, commander of Troop A of the Massachusetts State Police. “Everyone is welcome to enjoy all our state beaches and reservations, but must do so lawfully and with respect for the rights of others around them.”

The State Police have conducted similar zero-tolerance operations on Revere Beach in past years.