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Mayor-Elect Arrigo Seeks Dialogue with Wynn Everett


December 3, 2015
By Seth Daniel-Revere Journal

The ice seems to slowly thawing between the City of Revere and the Wynn Everett casino project, with Mayor-elect Brian Arrigo saying this week that he would like to open the lines of communication and Wynn Everett officials saying the same.

“I know I can’t do anything official until Jan. 4, but I’m certainly looking forward to opening the lines of communication to Wynn and seeing what we are able to do in terms of mitigation from the project that is going to be opening up in Everett,” said Arrigo this week as he began to put together his transition plans. “The biggest question is what will happen to the City’s lawsuit. There’s nothing that can be done yet. I don’t know what our options are yet…Having a conversation with Wynn is going to be important and having an open line of communication going forward.”

Wynn officials, upon hearing the newfound openness from the mayor-elect, said this week that they are also open to talking things over.

“We look forward to establishing a positive working relationship with the new mayor and the City of Revere,” said Robert DeSalvio, president of Wynn Everett.

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