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State Closes Parking Along Revere Beach

Story by John Lynds -Revere Jounal April 9th

In an effort to better pro­mote social distancing and curb gathering of more than 10 people Gov. Charlie Baker issued an emergency order last Friday requiring all coastal beach reserva­tion parking areas managed by the Department of Con­servation and Recreation (DCR) to close.

The order applied to parking on the northbound ocean side of Revere Beach Parkway and by Friday morning traffic cones and signs directed drivers away from the beach’s parking area.

Gov. Baker said the or­der was to further reduce large concentrations of peo­ple at beaches during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Revere Beach will re­main open and available to pedestrians for transitory use only, i.e. walking, jog­ging, biking, solitary fish­ing, etc.

Additionally, DCR’s agency-owned playgrounds and bathroom facilities like the ones at Revere Beach will remain closed until Monday, May 4.

Mayor Brian Arrigo again took to Revere Beach Boulevard Monday after­noon in the Mobile City Hall van, using a bullhorn to urge the public to abide by social distancing guide­lines and take the increase in cases in Revere seriously.

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