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2021 Bocce on the Beach – RMBGRC fundraiser held on Saturday August 14th

On Saturday August 14th the the Rumney Marsh Burying Ground Restoration Committee (RMBGRC) conducted the 13th annual “Bocce on the Beach” fundraiser across from the State Police Barracks on Revere Beach Boulevard.

The first place winners where the Bocce Kings, second place went to Team Morabito and the 3rd place finishers Team Guinasso. Bocce on the Beach is always a well attended event that draws teams from all across the City of Revere. Its an event that brings people together to enjoy a day at the beach to have fun and to share in the competition to claim the title of first place! This year for first place winners were presented with the coveted Bocce Trophy newly named the “Mario Pagnoni Award” for Bocce on the Beach. A good time was had by all in the efforts to raise funds for the RMBGRC.

L-R First Place Winners: The Bocce Kings Second Place: Team Morabito Third Place: Team Guinasso

The Rumney March Burying Ground established in 1693 is where some of Revere’s first citizens are buried. It is the only cemetery in Revere. Deane Winthrop, son of the first Governor of Massachusetts is interred there along with Lieutenant Thomas Pratt, builder of Slade’s Spice Mill on the creek. Many Revolutionary war heroes such as Samuel Sprague, who led three companies of minutemen is buried there. The famous fighting parson, Philip Payson, lies along with Joseph Green as well as Samuel Pratt, Caleb Pratt, James and Andrew Tewksbury, Several Civil War soldiers are also buried there.

RMBGRC Committee Members L-R:

Bill Reedy, Pamela Anderson, Bob Upton, Chair, Elle Baker, Ira Novoselsky, Jeff Pearlman, Jannelle O’Brien. Brendan O’Brien missing Annette Bornstein, Sue Laanza, Tom Sullivan

Through the efforts and initiatives of the RMBGRC we have also identified the location, names and some of the historical records of 16 individuals designated as slaves in the burial records, interred in unmarked gravesites along the front wall of the burial ground. In honor and respect for these men and women we have constructed historical data plaques to identify and mark their final resting place and burial site.

The RMBGRC restoration projects are ongoing to include the identification and repair of worn or broken headstones and markers, fractured retaining and border walls as well as landscaping and ongoing grounds maintenance. Our goal is to restore and protect this important asset for the community.

It is necessary to continue restoring this national treasure and to maintain the dignity of those who sacrificed their lives for our community.