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Alternative Travel Options During Sumner Tunnel Closure

By Revere Journal Staff – Special to the Independent

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) has announced their comprehensive mitigation plan to address travel impacts and provide cost effective alternative transportation options for residents and visitors ahead of the scheduled closure of the Sumner Tunnel from Friday, July 5, through Monday, August 5, 2024. The tunnel will be fully closed for approximately one month to facilitate work on the Sumner Tunnel Restoration Project. This is a significant reduction from the originally planned two-month closure.

The Sumner Tunnel Restoration Project will offer a variety of mitigation options for individuals coming from all travel points, including free trips on the MBTA Blue Line during the tunnel’s closure, free and reduced cost water ferry options, reduced Commuter Rail fares for riders, reduced parking costs at MBTA and Commuter Rail parking lots and garages, free fares on a number of Chelsea bus routes, discounted tolls for residents, and additional options for travelers to and from Logan Airport.

“We understand that the impact from this closure will be considerable for those who live and work in the area and need to travel in and out of Boston,” said?Transportation Secretary and CEO Monica Tibbits-Nutt. “In recognition of that, we are providing as many options as possible to ‘Ditch the Drive’ and find alternative ways to move about the area.”

“MassDOT truly appreciates the interagency partnerships and community input to identify appropriate mitigation efforts,”said?Highway Administrator Jonathan Gulliver.?“We strongly encourage folks to take advantage of the numerous free and reduced fare transit options.”

“Last year we delivered safe and reliable service to support our partners at MassDOT during the Sumner Tunnel closure and this year we are ready to provide even better service. Our team at the T stepped up and accomplished record work to provide residents, essential workers, travelers, and transit-dependent riders many varied transit options during the Sumner Tunnel shutdown,” said MBTA General Manager Phillip Eng. “The Blue Line is operating at full speed across the entire line and with that we are able to provide trains every 5 minutes during the peak periods. This in addition to bus, commuter rail, and ferries, we are committed to our existing riders and welcome new passengers. Our workforce takes great pride in our recent accomplishments and hope you choose to leave the driving to us.”

Details on mitigation options are below:

Travel To/From East Boston and North End

MBTA Blue Line and Parking

• The entire Blue Line in both directions will be free to riders. Gates will be open at all Blue Line stations from Wonderland to Bowdoin.

• An additional train will be added to the Blue Line in the midday period to help support more riders riding the line.

• All MBTA parking lots and garages on the Blue Line will be reduced to $2/day. Additional free parking is available near Wood Island Station.

• Visit for additional information.

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