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Bianchi’s Pizza will live on at Renzo’s on Revere Beach Boulevard

Bianchi’s Pizza will close at Revere Beach on Monday September 3rd….the lines are out to the street on this last weekend as patrons and long time Bianchi Pizza lovers make sure they get their last slice of what is arguably the best pizza at Revere Beach.

Bianchi’s has been a staple at Revere Beach since the heydays at the Beach starting out at about the very same location as the “Wild Mouse” coaster just before the Ebb Tide Lounge heading north before the intersection of Revere Street and Revere Beach Boulevard.

On a beautiful day today many visitors to Bianchi’s like Bob and Rose Casella enjoyed a full sized pizza across the street sitting along the wall sharing memories of Revere Beach and the amazing taste of Bianchi’s pizza for the very last time from this location.

Fortunately, Bianchi’s Pizza will be available at Renzo’s at 381 Revere Beach Boulevard which is only a little further north from the current location along the Boulevard .

For those of us with such great memories of Bianchi’s and their incredible pizza we say thank you so much to the Bianchi family and everyone who worked there and served us exactly what we came for…the best pizza at Revere Beach!