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Classic Revere Beach Scene – Then & Now

Classic Scene at Revere Beach Then & Now-

The image here at the William G. Reinstein Bandstand and Pavilions on Revere Beach reminds us all of many wonderful days and nights spent at the beach. This past summer season was one to remember at America’s First Public Beach.As beach-goers we were once again awed by the spectacular Revere Beach National Sand Sculpting Festival, played Bocce on the Beach, Volleyball, and even Soccer in the sand!  The kids flew kites, watched movies, ate pizza  & ice cream and believe it or not some of us even enjoyed chinese food at the beach. The Fireworks were better than ever this summer!

The scenes at Revere Beach are incredible! The flower beds and hanging plants really dress it up beautifully! The beach is clean and the sand was raked dutifully throughout this summer season.  People are  talking about Revere Beach wherever you go, lots happening here.

The walkers, runners, fitness crowd, bicyclists, swimmers, windsurfers, boaters and the fisherman all had one heck of a summer season. All have new memories to be shared each and everyday. At any given time you can see people sitting along the wall sharing their thoughts and recollections or sorting through their triumphs or tribulations.  The Revere Beach Memorial gave us a solemn time to remember and reflect upon those we’ve loved and lost.

New developments are beginning to take shape, the new pedestrian bridge and the garage at Wonderland are solid signs of the  new future starting to take shape at Revere Beach. New homes are being constructed, more have been renovated and plans are being talked about almost daily about considerably more if the economy improves.

Revere Beach means so much to so many of us in many different ways. The one thing that it means to all of us is that it belongs to all of us in our own very special way.  Revere Beach then as now has  always lead us to a new season of changing tides and wonderful recollections.

Bob Upton,