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Easter time always a special time at Revere Beach

Easter time at Revere Beach was always a very special time of the year for so many of us….

This year especially would be a very special time at Revere Beach in its heyday because of the historic cold and snowfall we’ve all grown so tired of. In fact although it is springtime according to the calendar, a cold air mass and more snow is being predicted within the next few days.

In the old days many of couldn’t wait for good weather and Easter time so that we could get down to Revere Beach to enjoy the rides and all the amusements. Our parents couldn’t wait either as it was way to get the kids out of the house too!

We’d all get dressed up in our Sunday best, new shoes, pants, shirts, new dresses, Easter bonnets maybe and new spring jackets to parade ourselves around and show off all our new things for the new season.

The shop owners, the operators and owners of the Cyclone, the Hippodrome the Dodgems and everyone else who did business on Revere Beach prayed for good weather on Easter. If not the entrepreneurs would have to hope for a strong summer season to have a successful year in business.cyclone ticket1

We all looked forward to that first hot dog at Danny’s, the first pepper steak from Rudolph’s, Pizza from Bianchi’s or Anna’s or of course Bill Ash’s. Not all the rides and attractions were always ready by Easter but that didn’t keep us from looking for them to be open. Kelly’s always was and still is and we still go there because we still love their food and all those great memories.

So once again its Easter time, and Passover remembered by the crowd from Punks Corner and we are all are still enjoying Revere Beach with new memories being made every day. Not all of our memories of Revere Beach are exactly the same but the ones we do have of Revere Beach at Easter time will remain with us forever.