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Fire Chief Says They Have A Good Handle on New Construction in City

By Sue Ellen Woodcock -Revere Journal

With the Beach House under construction on Revere Beach Boulevard, and the new construction on the site of the old Shaw’s Market, people are seeing a lot of wood go up and wonder about safety before and after construction.

Revere Deputy Fire Chief Paul Cheever deals with these buildings, new and old, every day. As a licensed engineer and a firefighter, he is uniquely positioned to work with builders to make sure fire safety is addressed.

 In addition to these developments, there are more four hotels planned for the city and more development being proposed.

“What concerns us is the wood-frame construction,” said Fire Chief Christopher Bright. “Deputy Chief Cheever has been way ahead on this.”

Fires have started on construction sites in Waltham and Cambridge. Chief Bright said the construction projects don’t have to be high-rise buildings, they can just be buildings with a large amount of square footage.

“They might be three or four stories high, but when they are under construction, they’re just as vulnerable,” said Bright. “Because they are wide open, there was no fire protection in place, and inadequate security can contribute to the vulnerability of these sites.”

The sites under construction currently in Revere have amped up security with cameras and security guards on site.

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