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Petruccelli Leaving Senate in January

December 10, 2015
By John Lynds- Revere Journal

The departure of longtime State Sen. Anthony Petruccelli will spark a special election for his seat sometime this spring, and already, people have emerged expressing interest in Petruccelli’s seat since he announced last Thursday he would resign in January.

Three candidates in Revere have emerged as interested in the seat, and local elected officials and political brokers have been working behind the scenes to narrow down the Revere field to one candidate.

While many have a legitimate interest, those on the inside of the local political scene believe that Revere has its best shot through the unified support of one hometown candidate.

This week, sources told the newspaper that Revere officials have been caucusing locally to bring about that unity.

“We’ve been meeting and coordinating efforts in the hopes of securing one candidate out of Revere no matter who that candidate is,” said one source close to those negotiations. “Everybody is working together for One Revere. That’s how this is going to work.”

As of press time, there had been no reported Revere consensus, but work is being done to iron that out, several sources said.

Those in the mix include Revere Councillor Jessica Giannino – who is believed to have the votes to be the new council president in January. Giannino told the Journal it is “highly likely” she will consider a run in January.

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