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Return of the Piping Plovers at Revere Beach


Plovers are back once again at Revere Beach -Journal Staff


The lumberjacks of the West Coast have the spotted owls and the residents in Capistrano have the Flamingos.

In Revere, we now have the annual return of the Piping Plovers and their expanding nesting area at Revere Beach.

Every year there seems more of the Beach is fenced off and beach goers are forbidden from entering the nesting area.

Now, we are all in favor of helping endangered species get off that list. And the Piping Plovers are on this list.

So our advice to beach goers who will be seeking some relief from the heat waves of the summer — get ready to do some extra walking to get to the water.

And as upsetting as this may be as one walks like a pack mule with chairs and towels and toys for children – just remember that you are doing your part in restoring the ecosystem that has been brought to the brink of destruction by mankind’s actions.

Revere Journal Staff –