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Revere Uses Stories Of Survival To Warn About Coronavirus Dangers

CBS Boston- By Bill Shields September 17, 2020

REVERE (CBS) – Revere is now asking anyone who has battled coronavirus to tell their story, in hopes of stopping the spread.

Marvin Pena is a strong, Army veteran. Last weekend, the 35-year-old ran the virtual Boston Marathon with a 40-pound rucksack o ma at Mass General. Covid had nearly taken his life. “Anyone could get to that stage where I was, that I could barely walk,” he said. “That I could barely breat .

Pena and other survivors of Covid-19 have teamed up with the city of Revere, to warn people not to let their guard down. They’ve produced a video that’s now on the City’s website, asking people to stay vigilant. “There are still people who are not getting the message,” said Bob Dunbar of Revere TV.

And no one’s warning could be more powerful than Marvin Pena’s. “The total time I was in the hospital was five weeks in the ICU,” Pena said. “And 23 out of those days I was in a coma and I couldn’t remember my wife, I couldn’t remember what happened prior to that.”

Revere has been labeled a red – high-risk – community by the state.

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