Revere Happenings

RHS Class of 1960 celebrates its 50th Anniversary

It was a packed house at the Holiday Inn Peabody when classmates from the RHS Class of 1960 arrived for an evening of celebration. Old friends were brought back together; close friends spent an evening reminiscing. Live music and a delicious dinner made a perfect event.

Classmates, Dick Gilberti, John Jordan, Lee Rizzo, Chuck Zaccaria, Vinny Corbert, and Charlie Henry.

Lenny and Janise Timpone and Natalie Della Russo enjoying their class reunion.

Waiting for the band, Dick Pacella, John Migliozzi, Karen Hurst, Chuck Zaccaria, and Tony Liberti.

The tables were full of happy graduates from RHS.

Warren Tucceri, Maureen Kidner, Margo Johnson, Linda and Arthur Guinasso, Jim and Jean DiGiovanni.

Lorraine and John Orlandella, Arlene and Jerry Gordon, and Crissa and Joe Nichinello.

Looking as lovely as ever, Nina Morrison, Susan Thevenin, Diane Minsky, Susan Stone, Nita Ludensky, Iris Tubin and Linda Seigel.

RHS Lantern members, Evelyn Morris, Carol Nardone, Gail Pasquariello and Rosie Hudson.

Greeting classmates at the door, Molly Greene, Nita Ludensky, Chuck Zaccaria and Cary Greene.