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Small Business Sunday review of Valso’s Table & Bar

Welcome to week six of Small Business Sunday’s, a series featuring local businesses on the beach! Check us out every week for a little behind-the-scenes of the business story, the overall experience, and a reminder to continue to support our local businesses.

This weeks special feature is Valsos! I got a chance to sit down with owners Alex and Alvaro and hear more about their story.

Alex and Alvaro met as young kids in Colombia, and both came to America about 15 years ago. Once here, they managed to stay in touch as they both worked through the ranks at top food establishments in Boston.

Throughout this time, the two sometimes worked together, and dreamt of having their own place, knowing that the right time and opportunity was coming. At one point, Alex even went to Italy for proper training and to perfect his love for Italian cooking (which helps to explain the Italian inspiration throughout the menu).

Two years ago, they stumbled upon the up-and-coming Shirley Ave neighborhood. They carefully assessed the location, accessibility, and potential of the site, and decided it was time.

One year later, after putting together a fun menu, funky bar theme, and some incredible decor, the two opened the doors to Valsos on October 8, 2019. The name “Valsos” is actually a portmanteau of the each of their first born children: Valentina (Val) + Sophia (So) = Valsos.

It’s one of the cutest naming stories I’ve heard — an homage to family roots and traditions, all for the love of food.

Here are some amazing items I got a chance to try, all of which were spectacular, full of flavor, and packed with love ????

Beet salad w/ chicken and shrimp: Perfectly flavored over a bed of grens, candied walnuts, goat cheese Brûlée (yes that’s real) w/ a lemon vinaigrette to tie in all the flavors. I’m a big believer that if you put that level of effort into the flavor of a salad, well you’re in for a treat and I was right.

Shrimp Mac & Cheese: The daily special varies but the perfect balance of creamy, cheesy, spicy, covered in breadcrumbs left us wanting more.????

Charred Wings: House BBQ and Buffalo with some delicious avocado cream dipping sauce. It was finger lickin’ good. Just the right amount of heat and flavor w/ unique sauces to really enhance the flavors.????

Drinks: My favorite was definitely the coconut mint mojito (I love my pineapple / coconut flavors) but we managed to try a whole host of the artisanal cocktail menu. ????

Overall experience: I went twice in the past week, and both times the service was top notch, super friendly, and very welcoming.

There was tons of seating, both indoors and outdoors. Valsos did a great job following COVID-19 guidelines for all patrons and employees. Safety was a key component of the experience.

As we move into the beautiful fall season, don’t forget to check out this amazing place for its drinks, food, and ambiance, as you’ll feel right at home at Valsos.

Address: 139 Shirley Ave, Revere, MA 02151

Visit Valso’s online for menu & more….

Author & Reviewed by Meena Sharma…