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The Revere Beach Banners Are Up: Local Residents Display Their Works in ‘The Sun Rises and Sets on Revere’ Campaign

Revere Journal Story by Cary Shuman

September 1, 2020

The Sun Rises and Sets on Revere” campaign..

Project Manager Elle Baker of the Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development said that close to 100 residents submitted photographs in a city-run contest in quest of having their works displayed on large banners on Revere Beach as part of the city’s “The Sun Rises and Sets on Revere” campaign.

Two weeks ago, after a committee reviewed the photographs and announced the 40 winners of the contest, the photo banners were installed on the light poles situated at the nation’s first public beach.

In a word, the banners look impressive. And what an honor it must be to have your artwork and your name seen by tens of thousands of visitors to the beach and of course, the motorists who travel through the beach and Ocean Avenue.

“The banners are on the light poles starting on Revere Beach Boulevard at Shirley Avenue and proceeding down to Revere Street and up to 500 Ocean Ave,” said Baker.

The photo banners were another triumph for Baker, who with Mayor Brian Arrigo, has been overseeing and executing beautification and park renovation projects throughout the city. Working through the pandemic, Baker has been able to generate enthusiasm for the projects and collaborate with local residents in channeling their creative energies for the betterment of the city.

The Revere Cultural Council funded the project and it was supported by the City of Revere, the Revere Society of Cultural and Historic Preservation, the Revere Beautification Committee.

Baker also offered “special thanks” to Lou Spagnola for helping with the graphic design and Sofistech for the printing and installation of the banners. She also credited Society of Cultural and Historic Preservation President Bob Upton for being a key partner in the project.