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A Rebirth in Revere?


Story posted at Daily Item

By Cyrus Moulton – Photo/ Paula Muller

REVERE — A “water square.” A pier extending from Revere Beach. A community college campus at Wonderland.

Urban planning students from the Harvard Graduate School of Design presented many varied ideas for the future redevelopment of major properties in Revere. But a few common themes emerged.
“Everybody in the community had an intense pride concerning Revere, and then Bell Circle comes up and there was just general agreement that it is a disaster,” said student Tamara Jafar, from Ann Arbor, Mich.
Students from the Harvard Graduate School of Design’s Urban Planning Core Studio II joined Revere city officials and community members Thursday night to present the results of an investigation of the redevelopment opportunities for several Revere properties. The students worked with city departments, state agencies and local residents to examine and propose improvements for sites including the New England Confectionary Company factory, Wonderland Dog Track, Suffolk Downs, Revere Beach, the Beachmont MBTA station, Wonderland Marketplace, and of course, Bell Circle.


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