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Bright Named Medal of Valor Winner at State Award Ceremony

Gov. Baker, Revere Sr Deputy Bright and Chief Gene Doherty

November 26, 2015

By Seth Daniel-Revere Journal

The family homestead on Reservoir Avenue for Senior Deputy Chief Chris Bright had always been a welcome sight a beacon of fond memories from the past.

Now, the burnt out house has recently been bulldozed – the site of a bittersweet effort from the long-time firefighter where he rescued one uncle, but another perished due to the flames. It was a rescue and overall effort that was highlighted on Monday in the campus of MIT where he collected the Medal of Valor for the state Firefighter of the Year awards.

It was a celebration of bravery and a mourning for a lost family member all at the same time.

Bright said the Medal around his neck was for his uncle, Dennis Toomey, who died in the Reservoir Avenue fire.

Everything changed for Bright last Feb. 6 when an early morning fire call came in while Bright was the shift commander. It was his family home on Reservoir Avenue, and it was on fire – a plume of smoke visibly rising into the icy morning sky. He knew his two elderly uncles were in the house, and he knew their routines and sensed they might be in danger.

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