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‘Putting’ Artistic Expression into the MBTA Fence on Ocean Ave.

Story by Cary Shuman, Revere Journal


Sun Rises and Sets on Revere Banners to be installed along Revere Beach and Ocean Ave

One by one, neighborhood by neighborhood, Strategic Planning and Community Development Project Manager Elle Baker and Mayor Brian Arrigo are making Revere more beautiful.

One week after collaborating with Ward 1 Councillor Joanne McKenna on plans to build a community garden on Broadsound Avenue, the city set its sights on an MBTA fence – and the result speaks for itself.

“They are called ‘Put-in Cups,’ said Baker, explain-ing the artwork that has transformed the MBTA fence on Ocean Avenue into a colorful, eye-catching creation.

The letters on the fence are arranged to read “The Sun Rises and Sets on Revere,” a slogan that links with the city’s 40 photo banners that will be in-stalled this week on the light poles on Revere Beach Boulevard and Ocean Avenue.

“We were looking for beautification opportunities and obviously that stretch of the MBTA fence is quite an eyesore, so I started looking online for chain-link fence art opportunities,” said Baker. “I saw a project online and I felt it would be a good fit for the fence and our banner project.”

Revere Parks and Recreation staff, under the direc-tion of Mike Hinojosa, helped install the Put-In Cups on the MBTA fence.

“We had a team of 4-5 Parks and Rec staff down there for four days,” said Baker. “I thank them for their efforts and Margo Johnson for getting it all up and running. I’m really happy with the way it looks. It brings a little bit of light. I hope everyone enjoys its.”

Johnson, who visited the site with her grandson, Stephen Prizio on Friday, said she liked the colors on the fence.

“The red and yellow cups contrast the sunrise and sunset, the blue for the ocean, and the beige for the beach sand – I think this project really brings new vitality and energy to this part of Ocean Ave-nue,” said Johnson.

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