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RSCHP – New Year, Same Mission: Telling the Story of Our City One Artifact at a Time

Revere Society for Cultural and Historical Preservation invites you to join and visit with us…..  

Story contributed by: Christina Puleo for RSCHP / Revere History Museum

In 1994, residents of Revere came together to form the Revere Society for Cultural & Historical Preservation (RSCHP). They found as many significant items as possible from both the City and Public Library, hoping that their group effort would help create a place to celebrate Revere’s history for years to come. In 2022 this motivation is still alive and well, and the Revere History Museum continues to be home to hundreds of local residents’ stories. Whether it be honoring prominent soldiers from our city, celebrating Revere or Immaculate High’s alumni, or commemorating the staple that is Revere Beach, we can be proud knowing that our community’s accomplishments have not gone unnoticed or unprotected.

According to “Next Stop Revere: Historic and Cultural Resources” (a document that we encourage residents to read!), about 40% of the city’s population is currently made up of immigrants. Today, as the History Museum renews its hunt for historical objects, documents, and photos, and Revere outlines its plans for growth, we need the community’s help in showcasing all facets of our city’s cultural past and present. For example, Revere’s first inhabitants were the Pawtucket tribe. Along with the Abenaki People, they were forced to scatter throughout present day Medford and Lynn after an outbreak of smallpox. Yet we do not have many pieces in the Museum’s collections to speak for this prominent event. Similarly, our beautifully diverse city now includes people from Latin America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe, and we want our exhibits at the Museum to reflect that as well.

Our focus for 2022 is to expand our cultural representation and education through religious and ethnic pieces donated by residents like you! Revere’s demographics may be changing, but our fight to keep history alive is not. Help us foster an inclusive and representative community one artifact at a time by contacting the Revere History Museum at (781) 286-2226 or [email protected]. Check out the RSCHP FaceBook page at facebook@reverehistory.  Thank you!

 For more informaiton about the topic of this article see:  Next Stop Revere: Historic and Cultural Resources https://cdn.branchcms.com/GB7r14nbKy-1182/docs/NextStopRevere/02Historic-and-Cultural-Resources.pdf


Christina Puleo is a life-long resident of Revere and a 2019 graduate of St. Mary’s in Lynn.  She is currently a student at Emmanuel College class of 2023 majoring in English/writing, editing & publishing.