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History in the Making at Revere Beach

The construction of the plaza deck feature of the Waterfront Square development along with the centerpiece of the entire project – a pedestrian bridge and walkway from the Wonderland Station to the beach modeled after the Zakim Bridge in Charlestown is now going into high gear.

There is no underestimating the lasting significance and effect this brilliant piece of architecture will have when it is completed.

In the long history of Revere Beach, and throughout its various incarnations over the decades, Revere Beach has never been connected with transit and a pedestrian stroll over Ocean Street and then on to the beach sidewalk facing the ocean on the Revere Beach Parkway.

The brilliant new structure is taking shape and form. Soon, we will all get a taste of how transformational this walkway to the beach from Wonderland will be.

No effort however grand in the past has caused the beach to be updated and to bring together the various societal forces that cause so many to come to it on a summer day or during the fall for a walk at low tide or in the winter when the beach is covered with snow and visitors walk on ice.

Revere Beach is a summer, winter, spring and fall destination. It is eternally beautiful and changing all the time. However nothing to this date in time offers the potential to change the face of the beach as this walkway from Wonderland, the plaza, and the look alike Charlestown Zakim Bridge are set to do.

It will be inarguably the most distinctive piece of modern architecture in this city and might stand as such for the entire North Shore when you come right down to it.

The design is so impressive and its placement so perfect, that everything to follow will come up all around it in one way or another and will also be measured by it.

Its primary use will be to centerpiece the marriage of rapid transport and people.

It is destined to be a talk piece for generations coming up and its presence will change the persona of the beach for as long as it stands and people walk over it to the beach.

There is a tendency in this city to underestimate the value of structures and to limit design possibilities.

This is not so at Wonderland and especially not so with this coming plaza and walkway to the beach.

He may not know it now, but when the dedication takes place many months from now, Mayor Dan Rizzo will preside over the most important dedication in this city’s long history.

This new plaza and walkway will be prestigious.

Revere Beach will stand out as never before by all who visit.

And this new reality about the beach will be something to behold if you are from this city.

Full Story: http://www.reverejournal.com/2012/04/11/extraordinary-history-in-the-making-at-the-beach/