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My Life As a Prosecutor – A Memoir Beachmont Author Fred Riley

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Beachmont Author Announces Release of Memoir- My Life As A Prosecutor

At the age of ten, Fred Riley joined a gang of kids from his neighborhood corner in a section of Revere, MA called Beachmont. Later this gang merged with another Beachmont gang and together they faced the hostilities of two notorious Boston gangs, involved in the underworld wars of the late 50’s thru the 70′ s that led to numerous deaths.

These confrontations were personal for Fred. The South Boston gang led by Donald Killeen & Whitey Bulger was called the “Gustin Street Gang,” the East Boston gang was led by the infamous Joe “the animal” Barboza.

A transformative event takes place as Fred is faced with the decision to kill an adversary.

In a troubled state of mind, Fred walks aimlessly around Boston and ends up on Beacon Hill facing Suffolk University. The Athletic Director, Mr. Law, had offered Fred a basketball scholarship when he was in high school. Mr. Law was in his office that day and remembered Fred. He was instrumental in getting Fred accepted to Suffolk University.

Fred’s choice that fateful day led to a distinguished career prosecuting organized crime figures and public corruption at the highest level of state government while serving four governors.

Learn much more about Fred Riley and his youthful years growing up in Beachmont with friends and the neighborhood of Beachmont and Revere Massachusetts. This book will surely be fascinating to read! Read how Fred Riley went on to lead a very successful career in the legal profession and at the highest levels of the State of MA legal system to include Chief of the Criminal Bureau and Special Assistant US Attorney.