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Small Business Sunday: FourSeason Boba Tea, Revere’s first and only Boba shop

BobaTea…..Revere’s First!

Something very special…endless flavors & treats..

Welcome to the third week of Small Business Sunday’s, a series featuring local businesses on the beach! Check us out every week for a little behind-the-scenes of the business story, the overall experience, and a reminder to continue to support our local businesses!

This weeks feature is on FourSeason BobaTea, Revere’s first and only Boba shop!

We got together with owner Ly Roun and his wife to hear their story. As big fans of Boba Tea, the couple often found themselves going into Boston and that’s when the idea came to them: why not start our own business?

The idea quickly turned into a search for a prime spot with strong foot traffic and access to public transit. What better location that Shirley Ave, a neighborhood that was being completely re-developed into a future hotspot? Once they identified the location, they got to work. After several trips to city hall over a several months of work, Roun opened doors in May of 2019!
Boba Tea has gained significant popularity in recent years in the US and rightfully so – the options and combinations are ENDLESS, and FourSeasons has over 100+ options.
Boba tea ranges from milk tea and fruit teas to slushies to smoothies. The combinations of textures, bubbles, and jellies are sure to leave you feeling refreshed and energized. Whether you want to take a walk on the beach or take it to go, FourSeasons makes it easy to call, order, and pickup!
Overall quality10/10 Bob got a nice refreshing watermelon slushie and I got an iced green jasmine tea with tapioca bubbles ��
Service10/10 clean, friendly, and speedy.
Covid Precautions10/10 appropriate precautions are taken on the prep side and inside seating is closed to maintain social distancing protocols.
As a local business that took a risk to do something new and different in Revere, let’s be sure to show them some love and support!
If you have business you’d like us to feature, PLEASE get in touch with us and we’ll make it happen!!!

FourSeasons BobaTea: 196 Shirley Ave, Revere, MA. Open daily, 11am – 9pm (Mon – Sat) and 11am – 7pm (Sun)

Author & Review by: Meena Sharma