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Springtime and Easter at Revere Beach

Springtime and Easter Sunday is a very special time of the year, it always has been for so many of us who grew up at Revere Beach! Visitors from all over metropolitan Boston and especially those from Revere, Winthrop, Everett, Chelsea, Malden, Medford, Somerville and beyond…. we all went to Revere Beach. Everybody was so excited, the kids, the parents and especially the operators of all the rides, amusements and attractions!

If the weather was good and the sun was out it was gonna be a great day at Revere Beach. Easter Sunday signaled the end of winter and the promise of fun times and good profits for the business owners and entrepreneurs at the beach. It could mean the difference making it a profitable year!

Thousand of visitors went to Revere Beach to show off their new Easter outfits and to get onto the rides! Their parents were just as excited to get the kids out of the house for the day.

The Dodgems, Virginia Reel, the Whip and the Bubble Bounce, Kelly’s, Danny’s, Fascination, Hurley’s Kiddie Rides, the Nautical were all spots everyone headed to. The Wild Mouse and Tilt-A Whirl and the Hippodrome carousel were favorites just like the Himalaya and the Double Ferris Wheel but none more famous and feared than the Cyclone Roller Coaster. Lots of great memories that many us share even to this day. I’m sure you have your own favorite!

Revere Beach is once again drawing millions to its beautiful shoreline. Memories are being made everyday at the beach!. The International Sand Sculpting Festival, the annual Kite Festival, Bocce on the Beach are all very popular events that people enjoy. The beach is clean and safe and is easily accessible by public transportation making it easier for residents at the beach to get to Logan Airport and downtown Boston.

Easter Sunday 2019 is a very different period in the rich history at America’s first public beach. Revere Beach, a National Historic Landmark is experiencing a significant transition once again very much like the one that occurred in the very early 1900’s. Prior to that time there were many unsafe buildings built right on the sand and the Narrow Gauge railroad operated along the crest of the beach.

In 1895 the State of Massachusetts took Revere Beach by eminent domain enabling significant clean up of the seacoast area and directing major changes such as removing all of the dilapidated and unsafe buildings from the coastline and moving the train to where the Blue Line stands today. The Metropolitan Parks Commission created the first of many of its public parks opened in 1896 as Revere Beach Reservation now managed by the DCR.

Revere Beach has always been an incredible natural resource, the years have gone by and change is once again happening at the beach. New hotels, apartments, condominiums, new restaraunts, a new bridge and the promise of much more is on the horizon! Revere Beach has always been an attractive Travel & Tourism destination.

Easter time is of course always going to be a most special time of the year for so many. Our memories are filled with those special times at Revere Beach; new memories are no less important of course but just a little different. Revere Beach has always had that very special ability to create fond memories. We hope that you will share yours with us!

Bob Upton, RevereBeach.com