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A Place to Breathe in a Suffocating Time

A Place to Breathe in a Suffocating Time

Written by Kenny Lowell- Guest Contributor

With everything going on in the world around us right now, it can be more difficult than ever to find a time, or place, where you can simply breathe and be at ease. And at such a time as this, taking the time to sit and meditate on where life is taking us is all the more crucial. Well, you’re all in luck, because I have a solution to our breathing problem. Five miles north of Boston, there is a strip of beach about three miles long, and as tranquil as a crescent moon on a quiet night.

Every time I go to Revere Beach, especially at this time of year, I am struck by the lack of hustle and bustle found alongside many larger beaches. There are places to eat scattered here and there along the length of the sands, and a walkway up near the road (if you don’t fancy the winds at sea level). But more than anything else there is something we have all been lacking dearly this past year: Freedom, and space.

Freedom to walk, run, bike, skate, eat, and talk. The freedom to forget about doing chores, or making dinner, or freedom from cleaning the house twice a day for lack of anything at all else to do. Even if it is just for a short while, we all deserve the freedom to forget. To get lost in the brisk wind on your nose, and the waves lapping at the shore, free to be at ease in a time where it seems nothing is easy.

Space to think, sit, lie down, space to simply be. With everyone locking down in their homes and worried to go outside, we all need a safe space to get away to. Mine is Revere Beach, and I hope that in sharing why, I can encourage you to find your own place, or simply to come and share mine, as I said, there is plenty of space for us all.