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Small Business Sunday review – Luberto’s Bakery 208 Broadway Revere

Welcome back to Small Business Sunday’s, a series featuring local businesses on and around Revere Beach! This series features a little behind-the-scenes of our local businesses sharing their story, the overall experience and a reminder to shop and support local. Moving forward we’re going to be running on a bi-weekly schedule but don’t forget to support our local businesses everyday!
This weeks sweet feature is Luberto’s Bakery on 208 Broadway. I happen to have a sweet tooth so I’m no stranger to stopping by and trying out a pastry … or three but Luberto’s is an EXPERIENCE.
When you walk in you’ll see spectacular displays of cakes, cookies, pastries, full sized cakes and some savories but not only that the decor of the place is bright lights, cheery, colorful and you can’t help but smile and just take it all in. I decided not to include those pictures as they simply don’t do justice so you’ll have to check it out for yourself and enjoy it over a cup of coffee and a sweet treat.
Luberto’s has been around for a LONG time, generations of families have memories and stories they can share. Today you can stop by Luberto’s and you’ll see socially distant tables with friends catching up, people talking to one another and regulars sharing stories of “Remember when..”
I personally stopped by to have a quick catchup with my partner, Bob Upton while also taking a sweet break (pun intended) over a cup of coffee as we discussed the local real estate market. Luberto’s is perfect whether you’re looking for a mid-day break, an early morning coffee run (yes they open at 7AM) or a post dinner treat, they’re the spot for your sweet needs.
While we venture out to find new businesses each week to feature and showcase, be sure to check out Luberto’s at 208 Broadway in Revere. Open Daily at 7am!!
Thanks for tuning in the week. Author & Review by Meena Sharma